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Current Patreon & SubscribeStar Exclusive Games:
Aus3lia (only available on itch through Patreon)
Night At The Bears Bar (only available on itch through Patreon)
Taur Battles (only available on itch through Patreon)

Current Patreon & SubscribeStar Exclusive Updates:

Boyfriend Summon Version 1.79 (itch's public version is 1.70)
Fox Maze Ball Version 1.01 (itch's public version is 1.00)
Kobold County Bar Version 1.03 (itch's public version is 1.02)
Pup in the Park Version 1.06 (itch's public version is 1.05)
The Thirteen Heroes of Isidoro Chapter 2 Version 1.06 (itch's public version is 1.01)

All games are available on
Patreon for all patrons $6 (USD or Patreon currency equivalent) & up. The $4 Kobold tier only have games made the current month and the previous month. Game updates and new games are decided by polling tiers on Patreon. All tiers can vote in game update polls and new game themes polls. Those in $10 & up tiers can nominate a game to be on the game update poll. Strategy Guides tiers start at $6. Scene Selection Generators are available to patrons in tiers $10 & up. Commission tiers are available upon request for game updates and new games/stories. $30 subscribers on SubscribeStar also have access to all the above.